RTS Diffuser Oil

We just added a batch of ready-to-ship diffuser oil vials to some of our scent listings for July.

You can find them under the following scents:

  • God's Menu (peach wildberry earl grey)
  • Yennefer (gooseberry lilac)
  • Toss a Coin (vetiver coriander pepper)
  • Kitchen Witchery (lemon verbena rosemary)
  • Geralt (amber bergamot)
  • Black Swan (cranberry sandalwood)
  • Sour Candy (blackberry tangerine)
  • Persephone (pomegranate mint)
  • Lord & Lady of the Night (citrus earl grey apple sea air)
  • Modern Witch (vetiver sage lemon)
  • Aziraphale (almond earl grey apple)
  • Wicked Temptress (apple cedar caramel)
  • Blackbeard (teakwood leather)
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