Shipping Updates

Hello fellow candle lovers,

I just wanted to give you some updates on shipping services.

Some of you may have noticed that we have added UPS Ground to our shipping options. This allows some of you who live further away from our local to ship bigger boxes to you cheaper. nWith USPS upping their shipping prices for the holidays, many of you may find UPS Ground cheaper (temporarily) on smaller weight items.

Speaking of USPS... At the beginning of October, their holiday rates kicked in. We have noticed this has greatly impacted boxes over 1lb going to states like California and Washington. Unfortunately, we are unable to control this change.  I do hope that the addition of UPS to the website will help alleviate some of the price increase.

I am now adding LOCAL PICK UP to our website. This is available to anybody who is willing to drive to our address. Pick up orders will typically be boxed within 2-4 days of purchase. (This time frame may change once we work out kinks in the system). We will email you when. Your purchase is ready and give you our pick up hours and the ability to schedule your pick up. Pick up will be contactless due to covid.

We have also added UK shipping back to our website. It appears we do not have to collect VAT up front because of our low volume to the UK; however, you may have to pay the VAT fees in order to have your package delivered. 

We're hoping to keep our shipping window at 6-9 business days through the holidays; however, this may change based on order volume.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know!

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