Supernatural Preorder Opens 8/5

Our next event is for you, our Supernatural fans. As you know, SPN has been one of our longest running fandoms and one of the convention circuits we vend at the most.  There have been a wide range of scents that have come and gone through the years along with blends that we seem to never be able to keep in stock since they sell out so fast. 

On August 5th, we’ll be opening a 7 day window for you to preorder hard to get blends, a few retired blends and two new blends! For those who buy a full set of candles, you’ll receive a bonus item from Scents From X valued at approximately $12.

The scents we will have available during this preorder are:

  • Jensen (tobacco leaf, vanilla, spice, cacao, dried fruit, woods)
  • Jared (musky, woodsy, earthy, lightly floral)
  • Bitch (whiskey cherry pie)
  • Jerk [new blend] (bourbon, rum, plum, raisin, mandarin, caramel, cream, vanilla)
  • Queen of Hell [new blend] (pomegranate, juniper)
  • I Don’t Understand That Reference [retired] (balsam, rose, violet, jasmine, sandalwood, black currant, vanilla, musk, vetiver)
  • Angel Hugs [retired] (vanilla, musk, lily, jasmine, patchouli, cinnamon)
  • Balls! [convention exclusive] (maple wood, sandalwood, clove, musk)
  • Ketch-able [convention exclusive] (amber, teakwood, neroli, iris, musk

**Please Note: I Don’t Understand That Reference & Angel Hugs both use premium priced oils from our suppliers.  These candles will be priced higher than the other six blends. The cost of these oils have almost doubled since we first made the scents 3-4 years ago and I have to charge extra for them.

Blends will be available in 4oz and 6.5oz candles along with 4oz body sprays.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Stay weird, my friends.

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