What's New In March

What's New In March

March always screams "Happy almost Spring" to me but the chill in the air this morning says otherwise.  Our new blends this month help embody that with a little bit of winter (example: Lady of the Winter Court) and a little bit of spring (example: Defender of the Rainbow).

+MARCH NEW SCENTS - Twelve new blends have been added this month along with a lip balm and two lip sheers.

  • Limited Editions (Retire for good on 6/30/19 or when supplies run out)
    • Crash & Burn (campfire marshmallow) - Supernatural
    • Angelus (green leaf, fern, jasmine, lily, musk) - Buffy
    • Eau de Moose (wilderness, books, pear, ginseng) - Supernatural
    • Eau de Squirrel (suede, amber, patchouli, basil, tonka, cedar, musk) - Supernatural
    • Higher Faster Further (ozone, citrus, jasmine, rose, freesia, vanilla) - Captain Marvel
  • New Seasonal (these may pop back up every year based on surveys):
  • New All Year Blends:
    • Muchness (strawberry taffy) - the lip sheer is now being expanded to other blends
    • Trickster (lollipops and vanilla bean) - loki and Supernatural Gabe
    • I Found a Liquor Store (butterscotch rum bourbon brown sugar) - Supernatural
  • Lip Balms/Sheers:


  • March's Angels & Demons Box has begun shipping! All boxes will be mailed by 3/5. Beauty & Candle boxes have already shipped.
  • April (Ladies with Swords) box is now up for preorder. Preorders end on 3/15. Guest artist is Nerdy Robots.  Fandoms that may appear in your boxes are: Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, She-Ra, Sailormoon and more.
  • May (Fight the Fairies) box is now up for preorder. Preorders end on 4/15. Guest artist is Burial Grounds Coffee.  Fandoms that may appear in your boxes are: ACOTAR, Throne of Glass, Supernatural and more.
  • No subscription needed! Current subscribers, you can keep your on going subscription until you decide to cancel.
  • https://www.42nerdtasticplace.com/collections/42-monthly/



  • We've been teasing them all February on social media.  On 3/15, solid perfume will be released into the shop. They will be available on over 30 scents.

Want to see if we're coming to an event near you? We now have a calendar online that lists all of the conventions we'll be going to. Next up is Supernatural Nashville!

    I think that's everything for today... I'm sure I missed something! As always, if you run into any problems or have questions, always feel free to ask me!! 😀

    Stay Nerdy,

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