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.5oz Diffuser Oil - All Year Blends

.5oz Diffuser Oil - All Year Blends

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This listing is for our selection of diffuser oils in stock.  Every 2-3 months additional stock will be added.  This listing is for our licensed blends.  If there are scents you'd like added to future restocks, use the link above to go to our restock requests page.

Last Updated 7/3/24

Blend Name Theme/Season Description
Witcher amber, bergamot, citrus, balsam, cedar, sandalwood and rosewood
Hunter's Uniform
Supernatural bergamot, mahogany, musk
Our Flag Means Death teakwood, clove, allspice, tobacco, leather, amber, sandalwood
Blood Witch
Witchy/Serpent & Dove vanilla, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, butter, sugar, tonka
Bookish black tea, red apples
Books on My Wishlist Bookish pomegranate, cranberry, orange
Carry On My Wayward Son Supernatural Kentucky bourbon, vanilla bean and fresh coffee
Chris Thirst Trap amber, bay musk
Asgard Mythology spiced apple cider, cedar wood and oak
Eros Mythology strawberry macarons, whipped cream
God's Menu K-Pop wild berry, earl grey tea
Grimoire Witchy amber, balsam, patchouli, cedar, woods, vetiver and cinnamon
Jensen Supernatural tobacco leaf, vanilla, spice, cacao, dried fruit, woods
King of Hell Supernatural/Lucifer/Others chocolate, cherry
Kitchen Witchery Witchy lemon verbena and rosemary
Nevermore Edgar Allan Poe blackberry, chocolate
Overdue Library Book Bookish book paper, leather, teakwood, sandalwood, dark musk, cedar, patchouli
Persephone Mythology pomegranate and mint
Phoenix Feathers Mythology cinnamon, clove and orange
Sam Supernatural pine forest, vanilla bean
Soldier Boy The Boys leather, black currant, and oak moss
Starfall ACOTAR almond flower, lemon zest, spiced vanilla, cashmere, musk and amber
Variant Loki cinnamon, Irish cream and coffee
Wicked Temptress Book Tropes apple, cedar, spice, vanilla, cinnamon bark, caramel and maple
White Wolf Witcher/Throne of Glass metal, charcoal, rosewood, musk, tonka bean
Yennefer Witcher gooseberries, lilac
Wednesday Addams Family apple, rain, sage, sandalwood, fig, bergamot, green stems
Loki Mythology bergamot, citrus, amber, oakmoss and cashmere woods 
Jared Supernatural cedar, musk, sandalwood, citrus, lavender, jasmine
I Found a Liquor Store and I Drank It Supernatural bourbon, brown sugar, butterscotch, rum
Hades Mythology bonfire, open waters, pomegranate
Divination Witchy black tea, sugar, lemon
Bitch Supernatural black cherry, bourbon, brown sugar, spiced apple pie

Diffuser Oil Information
‣ You will receive .5oz oil in a glass dropper bottle.
‣ To purchase other diffuser and aroma accessories, please visit our Aroma & Diffuser collection.
‣The oil in the set is highly concentrated.  It is not intended for use on your body.  Use our sprays or solid perfume for use on skin.

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