Introducing: Mini Jars

Smaller candle sizes have been a wish of many of you.  Over this summer, we'll be bringing in batches of mini jars.  Much like our melt sample cups, these jars will be poured while we're working on larger batches.  For example, if I'm making a wholesale order, I'll pour 3 mini jars in that scent to put into the shop for all of you.

Mini jar are 3.5oz of candle and will retail for $10.99.  As you can see in the picture, they have a smaller label that gives you the scent title and components.  They will not have the same artwork as the larger 8oz jars so that we can produce these quicker like our sample cups.

We don't have many available on the website today; however, we did add three scents in the minis:

  • Book Club (snickerdoodle latte)
  • Bookish (apple and tea)
  • Not Today Satan (spiced plum sugar)

Whenever we add more minis, we'll create a blog post indicating which have new stock.

Stay tuned!

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