Mid-Month Restock

Ready for another candle jar restock? Good! We got you this Friday at 7PM CST.

Here's what will be restocked so far.  (I anticipate more things being added by the end of the week)

Regular Stock 13oz Candles

  • Nevermore (chocolate blackberry)
  • Eros (strawberry macaron whipped cream)
  • Fire (spiced honey tonka bean)
  • Medusa (marine amber lily)
  • The Bard (whiskey hops)
  • Overworked Detective (coffee)
  • Odin (greens earth musk)
  • Writers Lie (teakwood cardamom smoke bourbon books)
  • Lord & Lady of the Night (citrus sea air earl grey apple)
  • Bitch (whiskey cherry pie)
  • Chupacabra  (cinnamon tres leches cake)
  • Draco (spiced citrus)
  • Pedro (musk woods ambergris)
  • We Don't Talk about Candles (coconut coffee)
  • Poseidon (coral reef limoncello)
  • Persephone (mint pomegranate)
  • Micah's Vacuumed Ashes (fire embers clove cinnamon)

Seasonal 13oz Candles

  • Nature Demand Balance (wildflower honey)
  • Tamlin's Tears (coconut cassis apple jasmine)
  • Dawn Court (elderflower moss)
  • Hera (lily green tea)
  • Apollo (hyacinth citrus)
  • Fairy Ring (citrus rose lavender)

I may try to squeak in some sprays and two new fragrances... but we will see.  This week is a busy week with trying to work on Patreon blends, May the 4th stock and more goodies for future projects.

Take care,

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