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Since we are scent hoarders, we have to clear out some of our old and less popular blends to make way for new scents. At any given time, we will have candles listed here for 35% off. As candles sell out, new discount blends will be added. 

No other discounts can be used.

Made with paraffin soy wax (unless otherwise noted).  Comes with white wax and with one glitter color.  Comes in a 7.5oz jar or 6.5oz tin unless otherwise noted. Some jars may be slightly flawed with a glue spot on the rim or outside edges. These are discounted jars.

Scent descriptions for our 12/18 batch are the following. If you do not see a scent in the listings drop down menu, that means the blend is sold out. 

black pepper, clove leaf, nutmeg, lavender, cedar wood, patchouli, sandalwood​ winter air, jasmine, musk, sandalwood and vanilla​
Blend Name Description Blend Status

light lager and glazed doughnuts

Uncultured Swine

 Vermont maple and hickory bbq smoke

Ghost Dog

air, mint, cedar and eucalyptus Retiring Size
Science Fiction pear, honeydew, chamomile, cassis, violet, and aloe vera Retiring Size
OK Boomer cranberry, cherry pie, moscato Retiring Size
Master Bruce shaved cedar, whiskey, cognac, brandy, wine Retiring Size
Jump Scare dried corn husks Retiring Size
Through Love All is Possible nutmeg lilac Retiring Size
Winter is Coming
peppercorn, nutmeg, clove, elderberry, blackberry, plum, mint and oakmoss Retiring Size


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Nicole Haghshenas
Non-candle dude loved candle

Little brother who follows every major soccer league worldwide couldn't stop laughing at 'Futbol is Life' and has stationed 'Screaming Firehawks' at his girlfriend's house in perpetuity. Perfect "can you smell yet?" test.

Victoria Campbell
Clearance Candles are ALWAYS WORTH IT.

I don't know if there's ever a candle on her clearance that you *don't* want to buy! Mostly the problem is keeping myself from buying all the candles here!!

Angie Shields
Another Bleeping Meeting, Move the Stars and Harley Bop!

I just love this clearance section and how you can get lucky and snag some candles that you have either been eyeing for a while, or maybe had never had a chance to see! The Pearberry of Move the Stars reminds me of lotion I used to get at Bath and Body Works!

Luis Hernandez
Canaan AKA Tropical citrus mask with a biblical metaphor( Lucifer show)

Bought this out of curiosity of what they possibly smelled on the show and it has become one of my favorites! I love the wood wick sound it makes and the SMELL!!! This candle smells amazing and I’m half way through 1 of the 5 I bought and the smell is stil going strong! Highly recommend!

Ezra Burton

Clearance Candles