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.5oz Diffuser Oil - Licensed Blends

.5oz Diffuser Oil - Licensed Blends

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This listing is for our selection of diffuser oils in stock.  Every 2-3 months additional stock will be added.  This listing is for our licensed blends.  If there are scents you'd like added to future restocks, use the link above to go to our restock requests page.

Last Updated 7/3/24

Blend Name Book Series Description
ACOTAR chamomile, tea leaves, citrus, lily, woods, musk
Violet Sorrengail
Fourth Wing orange zest, books, berries, violets
Xaden Riorson
Fourth Wing mint, leather, bergamot, chocolate cake
Fly or Die
Fourth Wing mist, mint, moss, marine, leaves, eucalyptus, balsam
Throne of Glass sage, blood orange, sea salt, woods
Only You Decide What Breaks You ACOTAR eucalyptus, marine, spearmint, juniper
Rattle the Stars Throne of Glass juniper, gin, red currant, oak, cedar, cypress, balsam
The Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak The Unfortunate Side Effects of Heartbreak & Magic thyme, peach, pie crust, brown sugar

Diffuser Oil Information
‣ You will receive .5oz oil in a glass dropper bottle.
‣ To purchase other diffuser and aroma accessories, please visit our Aroma & Diffuser collection.
‣The oil in the set is highly concentrated.  It is not intended for use on your body.  Use our sprays or solid perfume for use on skin.

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