Zodiac Capricorn Perfume Bottle

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What's your sign? This is our Capricorn blend for those born from December 22 - January 19.

Blend: smoke, oud, frankincense, musk, myrrh, amber
Scent Notes: warm, smokey, earthy
‣Shop Note: These bottles are currently limited edition.  If demand is high for them, we will make them regular stock.

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You will receive one black, matted glass spray bottle in our body spray blend. Each bottle has approximately 1.7oz of mix. Our sprays have multipurpose use. They can be used as a body, room or linen spray. Made with a witch hazel, distilled water, and fragrance oil. Learn More >>

Customer Reviews

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Too Smoky

I wanted to love this, but I can't get past the smoky smell. At first smell, I thought maybe.....but the smoke is what lingers. One spritz in my office (on someone else's arm), and the smoke was still there over an hour later. Very off-putting. ADmittedly, I am very sensitive...but I tried sharing it with one other capricorn I know...and she had the same reaction...at first she thought she liked it.....but then the smoke just settles and that's literaly all you can smell. Her daughter also had the exact same reaction. And it's not like a campfire, smoky smell...it's more like old cigarette smoke. I gave it a 3 because maybe we are just too sensitive....but maybe it could be reconfigured with a little less smoky scent?